HMP & YOI Doncaster’s new website has been created specifically with the needs of prisoners and their families firmly in mind. It will:

  • Answer common questions and concerns
  • Make it easy for family and friends to get involved
  • Help family and friends to get a clear picture of what life is like inside the prison

HMP & YOI Doncaster is a resettlement prison. Our focus is on preparing prisoners for release. A large part of this involves the family. Family connections and support are critical to the successful release and resettlement of prisoners back into the community.

We have developed this website to help those outside the prison get a fuller understanding of the work we do and how they can get involved.   The site includes information about:

Strengthen bonds by staying connected

A prison sentence impacts on everyone, from the person inside to the wider family and friends. At Doncaster we have a wide variety of programmes and courses in place to help families stay connected. From education and training, to family programmes and events, we strive to make sure every prisoner has the outside support and connections they need to resettle and build a life away from crime.

Find out how to can get involved in the resettlement process. [hyperlink to Reducing Reoffending page]

We are committed to you

“We are committed to ensuring a safe, secure and decent prison for everyone. A prison sentence can be a very difficult time for all members of the family. It is too easy to feel cut off and disconnected. This new website is designed to help families and friends understand some of the work we do and more importantly the way they can get involved in supporting their family member at Doncaster. We encourage them to visit the prison and be part of the rehabilitation process, and we hope that this new website will answer questions and give everyone an insight into life at HMP & YOI Doncaster.” Director Alan Brown


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