Prisoners Custody Journey

GDA758-19042013-A5-019At HMP & YOI Doncaster we aim to provide a safe, secure and decent environment for all of the prisoners in our care. Both adults and young adults follow the same journey from remand to conviction to release.

Prisoners live in units of approximately 90 prisoners where they are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and their possessions. There is a mix of single and double cells at Doncaster and these are allocated as a result of the assessments carried out with each prisoner and progress on the Incentives & Earned Privileges Scheme.

Furniture in cells

Prisoners have their own bed, chair and some space to store personal belongings. All have toilets that are screened and washing facilities.

Prisoners have in-cell telephones, which they can use for outgoing calls to approved numbers only (incoming calls are not allowed) and they may rent a television for their cell subject to reaching the appropriate level on the Incentives & Earned Privileges Scheme.


The prison has 3 residential Houseblocks, each divided into 4 wings.

  • Houseblock 1 houses Sex Offenders and Vulnerable Prisoners.
  • Houseblock 2 houses adults and young adults.
  • Houseblock 3 is the First Night Centre and 2 Substance Misuse Units.

The prison also has a Social Care Unit which houses prisoners with specific social care needs and/or mobility issues.