Family, visits, property and money

GDA0801-06052015-199Prisoners who have a good bond with their loved ones and continue to play a positive role in the family through visits are less likely to return to a life of crime. Visits are an important part of a prisoner’s routine. They provide a crucial link to life outside prison as well as emotional support for prisoners.

Click here for information on visiting times and how to book a visit. HMP & YOI Doncaster has an advanced programme offering support and education for prisoners and their families. The programme is called Families First and is available to all prisoners.

Contacting a prisoner

Family and friends cannot telephone a prisoner directly. To get in touch with a prisoner:

  • Write a letter
    • Send it to: [Prisoner’s name and number], HMP & YOI Doncaster, Marshgate, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 8UX

Telephone messages cannot be passed on unless in life threatening emergencies.

Prisoner property and prisoner money

Prisoners are allowed to have sufficient property in their possession within the constraints of a prison environment. The prison has a local property list and prisoners may purchase authorised items from their private cash and wages accounts. Other than clothing no other items can be handed in. See the Social Visits section of this site to find out how to send money to a prisoner.

The property allowed in possession is governed by prison service instructions.

Prisoners can also spend money on canteen and phone credits. The amount available to spend depends on prisoners behaving responsibly, and is within national guidelines.