GDA758-19042013-A5-315Gym and Sports Academy

Our Sports Academy offers an excellent programme of PE activities. It provides an exceptional opportunity for prisoners to gain qualifications and produce positive prisoner awareness.

We have developed fantastic partnerships with outside agencies and leading sports clubs, which often lead to other resettlement opportunities for prisoners.

Activities and programmes at HMP & YOI Doncaster include:

  • Cardiovascular room
  • Circuit and Fit Club
  • Weight Busters
  • Over 50s Club
  • Healthier Lifestyles Programme
  • Spinning cycle class
  • Insanity: circuit workouts for prisoners and staff
  • Doncaster Rovers FC Academy
  • Doncaster Rovers Education Department
  • Rugby Academy
  • Central YMCA Qualifications
  • UCHOOZE Programme (supporting citizenship education in schools)
  • The Prince’s Trust ‘Get Started’ vocational programme for football, basketball, rugby and cricket
  • Conisbrough Social Education Centre
  • GP exercise referral
  • Charity work

We encourage all of our prisoners to join our expanding academies. Those who join in feel that they are well valued and respected, and are very proud to be associated with professional people who give up their time to produce positive outcomes.

Click here for further information about these and other available sports programmes.


Our chaplains are present during induction to identify faith needs and be aware of any concerns prisoners may have.

Chaplains facilitate meetings and services, and cater for many faiths. 

The chaplains will also:

  • Speak to prisoners who would like to talk about faith or spiritual issues or who need pastoral care
  • Break the news of a death or serious illness to a prisoner and support them as needed (this could include facilitating phone calls, arranging a compassionate visit to hospital, arranging attendance at the funeral)
  • Arrange visits from prisoners’ ministers and ministers of other faiths
  • Organise special feasts and festive celebrations
  • Support prisoners at risk of self harm

HMP & YOI Doncaster’s chaplains provide both spiritual and pastoral care. They lead regular prayers and Christian services and collaborate with religious ministers of other faiths to ensure they are equally represented within the prison. They conduct daily visits to the Healthcare and the Care and Separation Unit.

The Samaritans Listening Scheme

What is the scheme?
Selected prisoners are trained by the Samaritans to listen in confidence to other prisoners experiencing emotional distress, which may lead to self-harm or suicide.

What is a Listener?
Listeners are prisoners who have been trained to listen and provide support in the same way that the Samaritans in the community do. They don’t give advice or tell the prisoner what to do but they will listen and talk to them, helping the prisoner to work things out for themselves.

Are prisoners’ conversations private?
Prisoners can talk to Listeners about anything. Listeners won’t judge and they won’t tell anyone else. Conversations with a Listener are private, they are not shared with other prisoners or with prison staff.

Any prisoner can talk to a Listener at anytime and as often as they need.

How do prisoners find a Listener?
To talk to a Listener prisoners can ask an officer to put them in touch or they can approach a Listener directly. Listeners are easily identified by the green t-shirts they wear with the word ‘Listener’ clearly visible.

Being in prison can be hard. All prisoners can have bad days sometimes feeling angry, worried or even scared, particularly during their early days in custody. The Samaritans Listening scheme [hyperlink to Samaritans Listeners video link] helps prisoners to get rid of that burden by talking and not bottling things up.

Buddy Scheme
Buddies are prisoners who have been trained by HMP & YOI Doncaster to help other prisoners. Buddies are clearly identified on the wings or prisoners can contact them by asking a member of staff.