Accommodation and finance

Stable accommodation after release is an essential anchor for ex-offenders. It provides security and a base from which they can find a job, access healthcare and other benefits.

“Receiving support on release from custody really helped me settle in my accommodation. I have always struggled to maintain a tenancy so this was great for me.” (Comment from a prisoner)

In the weeks leading up to release, Catch22 and the CRCs work with staff and prisoners to provide advice on:

  • Housing
  • Benefits
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Healthy living
  • Employability skills (eg. how to complete application forms and write a CV)

Two housing support co-ordinators from Catch22 support prisoners and help them to address any concerns that they have about accommodation. Pre-release, they provide referrals to local authorities and whole range of housing providers. Post release, they provide interim support, accessed via a community support team.

Housing providers include:

  • Sheffield Homes
  • TASC
  • Action Housing
  • St Leger Homes
  • M25 Housing
  • Lighthouse Project
  • Target Housing
  • Foundation Barnsley
  • Holden House
  • Keystone Properties
  • Doncaster Council
  • Rotherham Council
  • Barnsley Council – Berneslai Homes