Education, training and employment

“Before I arrived here I was a drug addict with no direction in my life…” (prisoner comment)

Maths and English assessment and Action Plan

An introduction to the Training and Employment services (iTES) takes place on day two of the induction programme.

Prisoners who have not been in prison before, or those who have not been in prison for some time, complete an assessment of their Maths and English ability. iTES staff use the assessment results to produce an Action Plan for each prisoner. This Action Plan stays with the prisoner and becomes the basis of their learning whilst at Doncaster. It also goes with him to his next prison and remains with him as he goes back into the community. This enables the prisoner to continue the work he has done towards achieving the goals of the Action Plan.

Prisoners with learning difficulties

Offenders with dyslexia and other learning difficulties such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) often have a fear of classrooms and are unwilling or embarrassed to admit they cannot read or write. At HMP & YOI Doncaster, prisoners can be referred to The Cascade Foundation (an external organisation supporting prisoners with learning difficulties, working in small groups or individually). A prisoner can refer himself or a referral can be made by wing staff or the prison’s education team.

Prisoners who find reading difficult can engage with iTES staff and a Shannon Trust mentor. The Shannon Trust trains readers who can read to teach prisoners who cannot.

Applying for additional education or training

Prisoners can apply for additional education, training and employment activities at any point in custody. This is completed via the applications process.

Education opportunities and continuing training after release

Doncaster works with The Manchester College and other external organisations to provide offenders with a range of education, training and employment programmes and opportunities. This also means that prisoners can continue their training and education they begin in prison after they have been released.

Organisations and the programmes and opportunities they offer include:

  • The Manchester College
    • Functional English and Maths ranging from entry Level 1,2 and 3 up to Levels 1 and 2
    • Information Technology
    • Vocational Training: Catering
    • Food Safety
    • Cleaning Services
    • Trackworks (providing the skills and qualifications needed to secure work in the rail industry)
    • Health & Safety
    • Virtual Campus
  • N-ergy NVQ programmes
    • Customer Service
    • Performing Manufacturing Operations
    • Team Leading
    • Warehouse and Storage
    • Learning for Life
  • The Cascade Foundation
    • Supporting offenders with dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  • Potential 4 Skills
    • Customer Services
    • Maths
    • IT
    • Employability skills
  • CCL Training Doncaster
    • Employability skills and practical experience
  • Prospects (part of the National Careers Service)
    • Education, training and employment advice and guidance
    • Signposting to other help agencies and training providers in South Yorkshire
  • Work and Industries: work places are a mix of full and part-time positions:
    • InsideOut Textile Unit
    • Horticulture Department
    • InsideOut Copy Print
    • Refurbishment Department
    • Recycling Department
    • VT (Vocational Training) Kitchen
    • Main Kitchen
  • Qualification in Graphic Design
  • Media Course