Identifying resettlement needs

IMG_2310The journey towards resettlement starts within the first 72 hours of a new prisoner arriving at the prison.

  1. Within 72 hours of arrival, Catch22 complete an initial assessment. This assessment identifies the resettlement needs of the prisoner.
  2. Within five working days, the CRC develop a support plan for the prisoner. This plan will be the basis of the resettlement work with CRC that begins 12-weeks prior to release.
  3. Six to eight weeks after coming into custody, young offenders and low to medium risk prisoners sentenced for 12-months or more set their sentence targets with Catch22.
  4. At 12-weeks, the CRC worker liaises with internal and external agencies to support offenders in line with their resettlement plan.
  5. The CRC worker continues to support the offender once released on licence and supervision until this period comes to an end.

Throughout the process, the offender remains involved, attending meetings with his CRC worker to discuss his release plan and interventions needed.

Prisoners who don’t live in the South Yorkshire area

Prisoners who live in the South Yorkshire area will be released from HMP & YOI Doncaster. Most other prisoners will be transferred to the resettlement prison that covers their local area as they approach the end of their sentence.