Can legal visitors bring in IT equipment?


PSI 10 2012:

Legal advisers can bring into legal visits IT equipment that is necessary for consultation with their clients and on those cases on which they are engaged with that particular client.   This is provided that there is no intention on the part of the legal adviser for the prisoner to retain any part of the equipment or component part or data once the visit is concluded. It is not, therefore, a criminal offence for legal advisers to convey or possess a laptop, or associated computer media (i.e. data sticks, CDs) within a prison for these purposes.

Legal Advisers must not attempt to bring in any other items apart from the single computer and any necessary data media. Any spare SIM cards or other computer items must be left outside the prison. To do otherwise will risk the items being seized by the prison.

For full details please see the PSI here

IT equipment available at the prison for your use includes:

  • 2 televisions with DVD players

Please let us know at the time of booking if you will require access to this equipment for your visit at the time of booking.