Appropriate clothing during visits sessions


All visitors wishing to enter visits must be appropriately dressed at all times. The following restrictions apply to all visits;


No Mini Skirts, Skirts to be knee length or longer.

Shorts must be over knee length.

Only one pair of trousers not two.

Leggings must not be see-through, rear half covered by top.

No trousers, jeans with holes/rips or that exposes the skin.

No See through Leg wear or Skirts.

Jeans need to be pulled up around waist.


No Short or cropped tops that reveal naked midriff.

No see-through tops or tops that expose cleavage.

No football shirts or sports shirts with team logos.

No Halter neck or backless tops.

No Vests/string vests.


No over the knee boots.

No stilettos (mid heels are acceptable)

No steel toe caps

No Flip Flops


No sunglasses (unless proscribed medical condition)

No jewellery that poses a health and safety risk, e.g. bracelets with protruding or sharp edges.

No hats and head wear unless it can be verified by a member of the pastoral team it is for religious purposes

No items of clothing that may be considered to be bearing offensive or racist print. These are strictly forbidden.

Failure to comply will result in your visitor being refused entry to the establishment.