Can money and clothes be taken in for a prisoner

Can money be taken in for a prisoner?

Visitors cannot give money to a prisoner during visits but they can send money to a prisoner’s account:

  • Via the website This is the fastest method as the money will automatically be credited to the prisoner
  • As a cheque (subject to 10 working days for clearance)
  • As a postal order

Postal orders should be made payable to the prisoner’s name and their prison number or date of birth. The sender’s name and address needs to be clearly written on the back of the postal order.

Cheques should be made payable to Serco Home Affairs with the prisoner’s details and the sender’s details clearly written on the back.

Visitors can bring a maximum of £20 per table with them to purchase refreshments during the visit.


Can clothes be taken in for a prisoner?

Clothing, footwear and towels can be brought in for prisoners only during the first 30 days after their arrival at HMP & YOI Doncaster.

To do this the visitor must book a visit on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday during the following times:

  • 9.15am to 11.45am
  • 1-15pm to 4.00pm

Prisoners can have the following items in possession (not per visit):

1 Suit, Shirt & Tie

  • handed in on a visit by application ONLY
2 Prayer Robe/Suit

10 pairs of each (socks/underpants)

4 Vests

Underpants/Boxer Shorts & Socks

  • No offensive slogans
3 Pyjamas / Nightwear
3 Pairs Shorts

  • No football/rugby/team shirts
  • No offensive slogans
1 Dressing Gown/Bath Robe

  • No hoods
1 Pair Flip flops 1 Pair Slippers
3 Pairs Shoes/Trainers

  • Max of 2 pairs of Trainers
  • No hook and eyes
  • No raised eyelets
  • No Zips
  • No metal hoods
  • No steel toe caps
1 Jacket or Coat

  • Must not be padded/quilted/double lined
  • No hoods
  • No offensive slogans,
  • Cannot be black
  • Cannot be leather
2 Belts

Buckles must not:

  • be solid metal/ have studs / or metal tips
  • any bigger than 2.5inches square
  • be shaped like a gun or of an offensive nature
Combination of 9 items Lower Garments – Trousers/ Jogging pants/ Tracksuit bottoms/ Jeans

  • Not camouflage
  • Not black
  • Not combat style
2 Towels 2 Face Cloth
 Max. of 15 items  Upper Garments – Sweatshirts/ Jumpers/ Cardigans/ Shirt/ T-Shirt/ Vests

  • No Hoods
  • No offensive slogans
  • No white shirts
  • No football/rugby/team shirts


This does not apply to convicted prisoners who are on Basic level of Incentives & Earned Privileges (IEP). These prisoners are required to wear prison clothing. Convicted prisoners on Entry level may have clothing handed in but will not be allowed items in possession until they reach the Standard level of the IEP scheme.