What identification is needed?

All visitors must provide the correct identification (ID) every time they visit.

Accepted forms of identification for adult visitors:

  • Passport, including foreign passports and passports that expired no more than 3 months ago (as long as the visitor can still be recognised from the photograph)
  • EC ID card
  • Driving licence (showing current address)
  • Senior citizen bus pass, as issued by the local authority
  • Employer or student ID card. This must clearly show the name of the visitor and the identity of their employer or educational establishment (the employer or educational establishment must be known to the prison). The card must also have a recognisable photograph of the visitor or their signature


Any person with an electronic tag fitted must produce their papers on every visit.


If the visitor is unable to provide any of the above items, a combination of two of the following may be accepted:

  • Full Birth¬†Certificate (with parent’s name) or Marriage Certificate
  • Rail or bus pass with recognisable photograph
  • Employers or student pass or ID (if not accepted as above)
  • Rent book (if currently in use)
  • Medical card (showing current address)
  • A current utility bill (gas, electric or telephone), no more than 3 months old
  • Bank card with signature (must be signed)
  • Library card
  • Citizen card (New leaflet)

Any persons under the ago of 18 must have a Full Birth Certificate¬†(with parent’s name)¬†with them and be accompanied by a parent or guardian on each and every visit.