Why are visits so important?


  • Prisoners who have a good bond with their loved ones and continue to play a positive role in the family through visits are less likely to return to a life of crime
  • Prison can be hard on the whole family. Visits are an opportunity to maintain and strengthen bonds with family and friends and reduce the strain on relationships
  • Visits are an important part of a prisoner’s routine. They provide a crucial link to life outside prison
  • Visits provide emotional support and a real morale boost for prisoners

We encourage friends and family to visit as often as they can. Read what a difference it has made to some of our prisoners and their families:

The worst thing about prison is being separated from your loved ones, especially your children. Sometimes it’s the most innocent (our children) who suffer the most because of our crimes… My Friday morning visits are the highlight of my week, just as they are for my wife and daughter. It’s a brief window of normality in our temporarily abnormal lives.” (Comment from a prisoner)

“Thank you very much! The family day has given John* the chance to bond and interact with the children in a more relaxed environment. The activities were brilliant, my children enjoyed every minute.” (Comment from a prisoner’s partner) [*name has been changed]

“It’s not a nice experience to have to visit our son in prison for the first time ever in his life, but every one in Doncaster HMP has been really nice and respectful and go out of their way to help in any way that they can.” (Comment from a prisoner’s mother)